Blender Hydra

Apparently the Blender Panda addon adds a network socket, capable of calling bpy and pushing models back up stream,

if someone integrated it right, someone could use it to call BPY commands inside the bge (similar to AGooses Slice Demo).

imagine realtime mesh manipulation in the bge! (dynamic damage and all sorts of things could make use of it)

Thoughts? Questions?

I was wondering if it could be fast enough to return data in 1 frame

That would be awesome to be able to call bpy in the bge.

I’ve seen agoose77 demo this amazing proof of concept with networking, and personally I think this should be a great example for our own bge to follow in 2.8, promoting fast iteration and workflow that no other engines can match might give it an edge

apparently Kupoman / Moguri say it’s possible to do this without a network socket, But I don’t really know exactly what they mean,

(“A small change to the source”) - he said.

The biggest issue with using bpy with the BGE is that behavior is undefined, and it can be quite the can of worms to nail down. However, if you’re willing to risk using an unsupported feature (i.e., do not expect any help from devs if things do not work as you expect), you can import and use bpy in the BGE. This already works when running from inside Blender. To get this working for the blenderplayer, bpy just has to be initialized, which I think can be done by adding it to the bge_internal_modules array in KX_PythonInit.cpp.

But we need bge python commands that call BPY themselves, and are user friendly .

like mesh.slice(arguments) calls bpy, and handles all the complicated stuff and does not expose the complexity to the end user.

if we add enough of these operators people could model in game right?

it’s the libLoading meshes from data returned from the BPY I don’t really understand how to do

(I do confess that is has been quite a while since I looked at Agooses demo)

I would not mind trying to code it, but don’t have much experience at all with BPY -> converting data-> popping it in a active scene and replacing a model on a GameOb.

I’m currently learning to load some of bge function into cffi to see if I can jit compile my python code with it, if it proves successful then in theory I can probably do the same with bpy code, IF, I M SUCCESSFUL(like never lol)

UPBGE now fully supports BPY in the viewport

UPBGE now is integrating openXR at the same time master is in XR_Action branch

ubisoft mixer allows multiplayer blendering

upbge supports
clay engine - wireframe - workbench - and eevee (viewport - and eevee GE) renders
and now openXR

wow awesome! its been forever since ive used BGE

this in upbge XR :smiley:

it’s ready! !!!