Blender Ice

Just a thought about Softimage Ice and Blender. It’s clear if you’ve tried Ice that it may be written in c but all of it’s nodes act like python. My question and hope is that bpy would made openly accessible from out side blender itself, the hook that was available in blender 2.49 and used by the python ide Stani’s python editor will be available soon in blender 2.58 or future releases. Then maybe someone might be inspired to write a separate ice like node editor for blender, that could export python scripts that could be plugged write in to blender.

As an aside, not related to blender. How about an operating system built around the idea of polymorphic nodes where all input and output are nodes that can be wired together graphically to build applications.

Just trying to stimulate some thought’s.

There’s already an experimental BPY module that can be accessed outside blender… but I doubt it’d help much!

Why you want a nodal system in an external python app is highly debatable…

The next open movie is likely to have the DAG looked at in a serious sprint before artwork begins (it’s being discussed at least) which if successful could lead to a much more nodal blender throughout… and it’s the dependancy graph that is the real obstacle here…

which ultimately would make functionality like ice easier to happen…

(and skilled developers with time and inclination to do it of course!)#

And there’s already work on nodal particles progressing in a branch