Blender Icon

not sure if this is the proper forum, and this is a kind of dumb question, but where can i download the blender icon?

Good question. That’s what I want to know.


The icon is contained inside the .exe file on windows, and inside the .app on Mac OS X. Which icon are you looking for? The application icon, .blend file icon, installer package icon?

As a linux user I would like both the file and application icon. I too searched in vain for them although it was quite a while ago.


google blender logo or blender icon and go to the tab called images and tehn when you see the logo - right click and save as! if you mean a blend of the logo already made - i haven’t the slightest idea! :frowning:

Yes… …or you could capture the screen of your desktop and cut the icon out in a paint program…

Here are the icons that I lifted from the CVS

These should actually be be distributed with the release.


I am looking for nice Linux icons that can be used to represent the program in a window manager like Gnome, KDE, Windowmaker, etc… Soemthing like a 64 x 64 PNG would be nice.


i was looking for the icons for linux
the shortcut on my desktop is ugly with no nice blender icon :frowning:
thx greybeard, those should work

Here are some 64x64 images made from the original files used for the Windows icons. They may not match the style of your Linux desktop though, whatever one that may be.

Under fedora core 2, there is an icon at in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/.

Thanks for the suggestions. I seached Google images and found a couple of Blender icons. Since somebody already posted a nice orange one, I only included the green one with the shadow. Here’s a couple of bonus icons for you if you want. They were all on the same page so I grabbed them.