Blender ID now provides community badges

If you use your Blender ID to log in to Blender Artists (IMPORTANT), you may now receive badges to reflect Blender community involvement. At this time, the following two badges are available:

They’ll appear on your user badge or in your profile (depending on the number of badges you have):



Is there a way to merge account into Blender ID? :thinking:

If your Blender Artists account uses the same email address as your Blender ID, they will be automatically linked. Is that what you need?

I guess, I still can’t see my Code Quest badge here even though I see it on Blender ID

Please make sure that both accounts use the same email address. It’s working well for others so far.

Not working for me either. Same email address used for both BA and Blender ID.
Well, it’s not the end of the world I guess :wink:

@fsiddi can you lend a hand here?

Oh, let me ask a stupid question: did you log out of Blender Artists and back in again using Blender ID?

Yes, did that a minute ago :wink:
No change…

@bartv Looks like there’s only a single user (besides yourself) that currently has the code quest badge. I guess there should be a lot more?

I see two:

And since the badges are only attached when you re-log in, I’m not surprised that this is not going very fast yet.

Right :wink: The second one got the batch one minute ago :slight_smile:

The THIRD one actually :slight_smile:

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Can confirm log-in in fixed for me. Note though that had to log-in via Blender ID, then it would tell me ‘You’ve enabled two-factor use password to log-in’, and then it would give me the badge. Bit confusing but oh well.


Great, that worked. Already logged out and in 3 times before without getting the badge. Logging in via Blender ID is the fix :slight_smile:


Right, I’ll emphasise that in the OP!


I’m partially fond of this.
I like badges based on development participation as they can drive a motivation to participate and help find experienced developers but badges based on money donations may lead some people to look down on those who don’t own any, which is both unfair and dangerous. I personally refuse to own such badges whether I donated or not and I encourage others to do the same. Blender is made possible by the donations but it is free for good reasons too.


Yeah, I had to leave my previous user account on BA, because I didn´t logged (ever) with my blender ID // Cross-site reputation through badges, were this morning´s news…//. Now I need to re-post and re*count everything I did months ago. Please consider previous user account created with email accounts to be “validated” somehow using Blender ID. I know it´s asking too much on this (credential sensibility) issue, but I don´t want to waste my previous user account hard earned badges…

I don’t get your point; you could have just made sure both accounts used the same email address? Any way, I can also ‘merge’ your two accounts here on Blender Artists if you want. PM me if you want this.

@fsiddi this is an interesting point; perhaps you could give Blender ID users the option to not use badges?