Blender ID now provides community badges

(ChameleonScales) #21

Sybren told me about this “You’ll be able to mark your membership as ‘private’.”
Dunno how that will work but I’d prefer to have the option to opt out of only some chosen badges. If I participate in the code I still would like to show it.

(Francesco Siddi) #22

Dev fund badges display will be opt-in. The same will also be for other badges and it will be managed via Blender ID.

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #23

I sent you PM to merge accounts. Thank you for your help! :smiley:

(burnin) #24


beware of the mark :japanese_ogre:

just observing…

(rawalanche) #25

Unfortunately these badges will probably offer little to no real value, simply because of how discourse displays them. You won’t get them next to your avatar on every post. One has to explicitly click your profile picture to see them, and even then, only first 3 are displayed, so relevant badges will likely get buried under the “everyone gets a participation medal” kind of achievement badges from discourse.

I don’t see myself as well as other people regularly clicking each member’s profile page just to see what kind of badges they have.

I agree that it’s good to have badge system, so that you for example know you are talking with someone who has been Blender supporter, but that will only work if those badges are actually visible, and not hidden somewhere.

(ChameleonScales) #26

New development fund page. Pretty slick.
But turns out the badges are all based on paid subscriptions:

I expected at least a few to be based on code participation (e.g. number of confirmed bug reports, patches, commits, etc…)
I hope this will be considered in the future.

(Metin Seven) #27

I just tried several times to log in at BA using my Blender ID, but I keep getting this message, after authorizing via “Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?”

(Bart Veldhuizen) #28

@fsiddi can you look into this with Metin?

(Francesco Siddi) #29

Hi Metin, I’ll be in touch in private.

(Metin Seven) #30

Thanks guys! :+1:

(renderhjs) #31

I have a question about special tags in gmail, for example whenever I use credit cards or other personal information I tag my email address, that way I know who leaked or abused my information.

It’s usually something like: (See gmail blog for details)


So for the blender sites such as the shop and devtalk i have [email protected] wheras here I just have [email protected] - will it make that connection for the badges or do I have to connect emails somehow?

(Metin Seven) #32

@fsiddi has solved my little login issue. This is what worked:

  1. Log out and login again from

  2. Logout from

  3. Press login and select “with Blender ID”


(Francesco Siddi) #33

When signing up for the first time, emails should match. I recommend that you temporarily change your Blender ID or your current BA email so that they are identical. You can change them back after logging in the first time.

(T.R.O Nunes) #34

Guys remember the badges were just released. There is huge amount of room for growth in terms of both available badges, the way they are shown etc. The dev fund badges just make perfect sense as first ones since the feature got launched with the new dev fund.

Have some faith in our FOSS Overlords Ton&Pablo :crossed_fingers:

(ChameleonScales) #35

Relaying what Pablo said in the last livestream, there are plans to implement badges based on code participation. Paid subscription-based badges were easier to develop so that’s why they came first.
It is also possible to hide any badge you own from the public by going in “My Account”, selecting your membership and checking “Keep my membership private”.