Blender Ideas

So over the time that I’ve used Blender ideas have been hard to come by. I thought it would be a good idea to share my idea. And then if you have any ideas, you could share them too. So here’s a big list!

Model a: gun, knife, building, sword, character, the first thing you can see around you, concept designs for phones, laptops, computers, cars, bikes, planes, military vehicles
Animate: the character, cell fracture , ocean, simulations. explosions, buildings falling, things getting destroyed, large scale physics simulation, the various other simulations
Make a: music video, audio visualizer, short film on something, mock advert, motion tracking landscape (a field, mountains, ocean, hills, desert, snowy scene, etc.), a city, urban alleyway, space (planets, stars), game, addon,

So a reasonably big list. I hope if anyone was short on ideas this helped them.

If anyone else could take some time out and reply with more ideas to add to the list it would be very useful! :smiley:

I know this is supposed to be an off-topic chat but it doesn’t really fit in any other topics.


Maybe model the C-101 Chickenator. Sent back through time to stop the father of the Chicken rebellion.