Blender, IK Splines ?

I’m seeing a video tutorial about animation, found this tool called IK Splines,
is this tool available in Blender?

Thanks for your atention

IK Spline description:

Really old thread about it:

Well not exactly but any of the curve types in Blender used in conjunction with a mesh (either normal parenting or though the curve modifier) and give you the “tentacle” effect that the PDF seems to be talking about . This is especially true if you add hooks to the curve so that you can animate the curve in Object Mode . And even more so if you use the array modifier with a curve/an empty offset/ and hooks directly on the curve object … Look around for ZanQdo’s (sic?) demos of the array modifier for some cool examples … maybe go look at the release logs for version 2.42 or sometime around there at

thanks for replying back.

I’m following your sugestion:

Array modifiers seems to be a really cool feature. Its not the same…but I found that probably the nearest thing I’ve found is B-Splines and Hooks

Hi dont know if this is what your looking for but i see no reason why this couldn’t be implemented as a spine rig as well…apologies about the large image files.

Hi funktioncurve,
thanks for your tutorial, really well done! I dont know if I can use it to do the trick,
but its a nice sugestion, hopefully I can find a way to achieve the desired effect =)