Blender image saving affects the image quality

I remember saving images after the render is complete, and even if I save the image without compression I can still see the changes of quality when I view the image in a Blender image editor and when I view it saved on my PC.

No matter which save format I use, the result will be the same, a bit more blurry image than it is in the Blender image editor, in Blender image editor the images are super sharp and clean.

How can I save the image and keep the same quality it had in Blender image editor?

Are you saving on a lossy format, image save defaults to png which is lossless.

I tried saving it on a lossy and lossless format. Lossless has a sharper looking image but it’s nothing like a quality of image when viewed in image editor.

Got any screenshots that demonstrate it

screenshots will get compressed too when posted here but okay, I will send you now



Screenshot, saved as PNG

Hard to see here, try it on your PC and you will see that the image viewed in Blender image editor is of a way higher quality than an image saved in a highest quality output.

All screenshots are saved in jpeg … Maybe it’s better to use the windows snipping tool and save all screenshots in png? Although, maybe this forum engine saves everything in jpeg.

From my end the second one looks sharper but it’s also png, the other two is jpeg even though the last one is png format.

Can you show the setting which you saved your image in?

In these two I save usually, and PNG is of a better quality and 3x the size of a JPEG.

No matter how I save it and send it to you here, you will get a compressed image because of this webpage.

You will have to try it on your blender file, save an image on PC and compare the sharpness and quality to the same image but in your Blender image editor.

There you go, the second one is PNG.

Blender image editor has no filtering

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Oh ahahahaha.
That thing went through my head couple of times, never thought that the “problem” and the answer were so simple and obvious.