Blender Impossible render timed

Hi am rendering an animation and it is taking about 4.5 hours to render each frame…i have 1620 frames. There has to be a beter way of doing this than cutting the quality a whole deal. The file is too large to upload. Sample:25 Soft Size:25 raytrace on lighting and world , ambient occlusion, I NEED REFLECTIONS. It is a car render. Only the camera moves. I’m looking for something like a graphics accelerator or something or render farm…will this work? I have like 5 other computers to use…would this just take 1/6 of the time? Two of them are 64 bit and windows 7. Others are 32 bit and vista.

Sample:25 Soft Size:25
Turn this way down, like 3 samples to 5 size.
What are you reflecting, the world? You may want to simply use a map in the reflection slot for the car. Then choose a studio style HDR image.

What I would try is to turn everything off. Turn off AO, turn off those soft shadows, turn off reflections. And do a basic light of the car. Try to get a basic render down to a reasonable time. For me a reasonable time is less than a minute a frame. Then build up from there. Turn on reflection and tweak the parameters to get the best speed.

There is a trick with raytrace AO that will allow you to use less samples but still get a nice clean look. It is called Bi-Lateral blur and you can read about it here (at the bottom of the page). A very simple node setup.

Well, if there are no cheats you can use to improve the render time (faking shadows, adjusting ray trace, etc) your only real option is to use something like renderfarm or set your own up. If your frames are really high quality then yeah, rendering an animation could take a very, VERY long time. I don’t know how long some of the good animations took but I can guess a very long time. Not just a couple hours or anything.

If it still renders too slowly you could upload it to which is a free renderfarm using computer CPU usage donated by people such as me. Basically you upload the blend file and it is split into frames and sent to different people to render in the background on their computer. It’s basically just a cloud renderer :slight_smile:

The reason I turned the sample up so high was because I would always get a lot of noise.

Woot I got it down to 3 min a frame, not a major difference in quality, thanks atom