Blender in 2020

What can we expect for 2020 in Blender development?
We are talking about Mantaflow, Functions Nodes, UDIM, Sculpting improvements, UI tweaks, Cycles AOVs, Light Linking, but is there some road map for the rest of the year? Because most of these features seems like 2.82 release.


You can check these two: Module Owners Todo’s (T63725) , Workboard .


Well we know about the unfinished projects so far.
Library overrides,
Asset Management,
Everything nodes,
Multi-Layers Texture painting,
VSE & Compositor they hired a dev fulltime but he is working on the bug tracker first ,
Undo System maybe general performance one day,
New Boolean system,
File I/O.
more sculpting & vertex painting i guess ,
Cosmos laundromat 2,
Ton also wants to make agent 327 feature film not sure how that went.
Cycles & Eevee more features/improvements.
Greace Pencil too.

My hope is there will be much more effort on the rigging & animation module.


Light linking is set to low priority :confused:

Thanks. Didn’t know about this.

There is already the Animation 2020 project. So it seems that Animation will play a bigger hole.

There isn’t much information about that project, as far as i know they lack developers for that area, so we have to wait and see what 2020 brings.

Because of transition to 2.8, I would say : Don’t expect anything at the horizon of the year.
Everything is new, everywhere. So, there are problems of maintaining coherence between independent evolutions of each area.
And when a release happens ; new big feature in i,t is often partially finished, needs polishing.

Generally, when there is a new UI, basics are there after second or third release.
But because 2.8 is so ambitious with big features questioning workflow, some basics could continue to change after sixth release.

All todos relative to new design may delay implementation of expected big projects.
And implementation of big projects may cause “hard to solve” bugs.

Developers are not announcing things more than a release away because they are not certain that things will go well. They have tons of things in their todo list.
Sometimes, they are sharing their expectations. That does not mean that will be future.

It is not because Jacques Lucke made progress in Function Nodes branch ; that will be a target for a 2020 release. Big projects like that can take years of thinking and experiments and discussions after reviews.
So, a branch is not an indication that will be released, soon.
And on the other hand, there are patches that are passing under radars of community and suddenly change a lot of things.
What is certain to be included in next release or the release after is what is in master. That will be released in 2020 for sure.
But for the rest, when is a question without reply.


That’s all reasonable.

I’m looking forward to destructive extrude!:


Would it be possible to get destructive extrude to test in 2.82 as an addon function?