Blender in 3D (now in finished section)

lolz i dunno just came to mind and i desided to start working on it

a bit of an update

looooool! very neat :smiley:

LOL!! Great idea, very original. Thinking outside the box :smiley:

another update, before the lettering added

Remember the Z-axis!! :smiley:

Very nice, sweet idea!

it will be all in 3d lol, the camera and all, z- axis added later as it will interfeare with the modeling for now lol

This is really cool. Keep on it!

added some lettering… and a bit more detail

Very nice! Rich in detail also.
Looking forward to the finished version :smiley:

imana take a bit of a break from this lol, finish it up tomorow or somethin

That’s a wicked idea! Nice job of it too.

the point behind this is to model the actual interface, bot hide it behind the texture

i will mode everything down to the text and then add minimal texturing to this just to give it contrast just as blender has it

Great idea. This could be a nice part of a promotional blender video. :slight_smile:

well when im done any one who will want to take this idea further can contact me for the files lol

I’d love it!

DUDE! you stole my idea! haha, just kidding. I did have the exact same idea tho. You did a better job than I probably could have done

This is a great idea. Keep up the good work. Very cool.

Fantastic idea. Keep up the good work.


havent had much time to work on this but heres another update…