Blender in a box--Animation---updated

Here’s a commercial of the Blender in a box product.

What’s it need, what’s it need taken away?

I plan to add sound and voice.

Have fun watching it, the tools used are Blender, yafray, gimp, sodipodi, and yablex. Blender was used for compositing. Virtual dub and Divx Five-dot-zero-dot-fivE in windows was used to convert to divx.

Download the latest version in second to last post!


Maybe if you can let the content a bit longer so we have time to read it all :wink:

I love it!

Good work man!


I got music for it now too. 8)

I Like too but i think it is too fast.
if it is for tv commercial then ok. but for web not needed that fast.
no one can understand what is passed in fornt of eyes.

good cg work.

great so add that.

I do have a size constriction though, any longer and it get’s huge.

I’ve added about 125 frames to it, so there’s more time to watch the content’s.

Bring the music… it’ll probably help the pacing. As far as the text goes, I’d definitely like to read it, but I’m not entirely sure putting it in is necessary. You might be more effective with a voice-over or some kind of visual (non textual) solution.

Real nice! I’m sure the music will make it a lot better, something like this just seems a little odd without sound.

Very nice work. Looks very good. I didn’t care to read what was on it (even though it looks like you put in relevant text). Nice job :slight_smile:


dunno, but i kind dont like this “home shopping tv” style hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

u should probably change that url text… it looks so big and blocky now.

cya henrik

Well I did have music, but it’s not mine, and I won’t get clearance to use it. If anyone wants to provide me with some (legal) stuff, or point me in the direction of some free loop type software for linux I’d be grateful.

I’m going to submit it for the art festival stuff, My first images [email protected] really liked them and wanted an animation so I made one.

I’ll work on the text now!

That animation, is Blender in a Box going to be boxed, if so how much in GB£ would it be?

It’s not real, just an idea I had a while back.

That animation, is Blender in a Box going to be boxed, if so how much in GB£ would it be?

It’s not real, just an idea he had a while back. :stuck_out_tongue: I know it was a double post, just found it amusing. heh.

Atleast you bumped my thread three-dee :wink:

Download the latest version here

I deleted the old one, it will no longer function.

I plan to fade the music out at the end, but the fac volume ipo isn’t functioning correctly.

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