Blender, in a professional/academic environment

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You could consider me a newbie to the community, but I managed to use Blender in a few short days (thanks to Bart’s tutorials on – which are now gone!) and create 3D graphics for a research project submitted for Siggraph’s ET this year.

I was shocked like many of you after hearing the bad news. Right after I started using such a cool tool, it has become defunct. (One could argue that it’s not officially “dead” yet, and I would agree, but in terms of company support, it’s done for now.)

If any of you have used Blender in a professional or academic environment, please post how it was used here, along with any relevant links.

We can compile such a list as a “testimony” to the significance of Blender. Webmasters that have Blender-related sites (such as elYsiun) can put up a “product description” page describing, extolling, and outlining the importance of Blender, and include this testimony list. (’s products page used to serve in this capacity, but such a description is gone now. I believe it’s up to us to do something like this.)

So, first post:

  • Blender created some auxiliary graphics for the “Vision-Realistic Rendering” algorithm simulation for the OPTICAL group at the University of California, Berkeley’s EECS Computer Science Division. A video of this simulation was submitted to Siggraph 2002’s Electric Theater.


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Blender was used in two short films done at Mediagymnasiet, Nacka Strand in Sweden.

The first film was FUBAR which featured a story about 4 different people, each connected to the underground society in different ways.
No-one have met the other. But a poker game is co-ordinated by the once-upon-a-time wellrespected man Charles. Charles needs at least four players to make the game viable. He hears a drug dealer named Paul ran a scam and recently got loaded with money, so he offers him to join the game. Another person, a vietnam veteran gets contacted by Charles after him having asked around for a chance to play big-money-poker. The fourth player is a russian hit man ordered to take out Charles, since he has gained too much coverage in the underground society.

Blender was used for the visual effects in this short film, which ranged from fully animated shots to muzzle flashes and morphing.

The second film is a hip-hop music video featuring Dvärgen vs. Jätten by De 6 Apornas Armé which is a swedish hip hop group. Again, Blender was used to create all the visual effects which included muzzle flashes as well as other effects.

Also, Blender is currently being used in conjunction with LightWave to create visualizations of various architectural designs, both realtime visualizations as well as rendered graphics.

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sounds cool :wink: !!!

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Most of my work has been educational in nature. Here is a link to some pictures of one of my larger projects.

I have also made an advertisment for Blender, and a number of other educational presentations with Blender.

I have also actually made some $$$ makeing an introduction to a play. Here are some screen shots of that

I have also programed a supercavitation (underwater bubbles, look it up for more info) simulation program that uses Python to do the math and Blender to display the results. This is actually in use now by a real company that does contract work for the Navy.

I am also working on another advertisment for the Oldsmobile Intrigue. Here are some pictures:

And a spin video:

Oh yea, the video is not really a DivX! It was encoded using the Microsoft MEPG4 codec. It actually gets better compression!

Have fun looking at the pics!

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Visited Pablo’s Brain site (which is very well-designed), and saw that his work is used for John Deere’s publications.

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I have used Blender for a medical multi-media project… I did the animations exclusively using Blender… This was a commercial project is which I was paid for… The client found my website through the Blender User Links and that is how I got the project…

Also… I have recently done another animation for a church (non-paying project). I took their logo and animated it for their children’s church service… This is a very professional piece…

Hope this helps…


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Thanks for the compliment.

In addition to the little 3D work I do at work right now I will possibly be teaching a 3D class this next fall at Black Hawk College here in the Quad Cities.

I’m still planning on using blender for the class as the school barely has any money to pay me, much less upgrade the computers or software. Guess I’ll have to modify my proposal and take off the pricing for the Academic version of Blender… as they won’t be able to buy it anymore. :frowning:

And I’ve started a blender section on my site. I know elYsiun gets more traffic from the blender users so a Blender Ad type site would make more sense here. I’ve been mullling through all my old files. I have the entire blender ftp site mirrored on my computer at home. Just don’t have that much web space. I’m also trying to get the web plugins setup so you can visit a site to get them still. Once I do I’ll probably get a zip file made of them so that others can also provide the plugin on their sites.

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Hi, My name is Victor from Malaysia. I’ve been using Blender since 1999 & started to teach animation last year. You can view my students work here:

I can’t believe hearing the news. It is indeed a sad day for me.

However, knowing Blender & NaN, I do believe they will be up & running soon.

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my contrib to the academic list:

used blender to prepare some materials and presentation elements [static unfortunately] at Department of Computer Science at University of Mining and Metalurgy, Cracov, Poland,
different courses, but mostly Distributed Network Systems and High Performance Computing

unfortunately i didn’t collected them together [different formats, from ps to ppt] , but can do this if necessary