Blender in article on

Anybody see this?

Thoughts? Opinions?

But a little premature on the final out come for blender.

We are seeing the start of the commoditization of computer software. Commonly used programs increasingly will use open protocols and formats. GPL and other open source programs increasingly will gain favor, and proprietary programs will be tolerated only if they use open standards.

Optimist’s point of view. I’m sure the author is talking from a minority’s perspective when he talks about the GPL and open source programs, since many proprietary programs (e.g. Photoshop, MS Word) are still very much in use. I do agree that such programs are using more open protocols and formats.

Is Blender really a closed format? I mean, it does have export/import functions, right?

he acts like all blender binaries in the world just STOPPED working instantly and we can no longer use them.

OMG we can still use Blender??? jeez why didn’t anyone tell me this before?? :slight_smile:

actually the author’s point was that open formats are the key to success in software which is right to some degree - if Blender’s file format was “open” it might be much more widespread even if it’s not developed anymore since it could function as a low level tool parallel to maya and the like. as it stands now the work of many a blender user can not be used further with other software applications without going trough a painful process of exporting/importing the data. and I am also sure many a game company would use it as an intern level/model editor if they could access all the data.

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