Blender in batch cmd line out put path

Im attempting to use batch to process a blend file. Simple ones such as export pngs from a movie to png ready to use in compositor etc.
In the gui I give an output path , file name i.e. /Projects/myvideo/rawpngs/myvideo_######

Id like to be able to run it on a spare pc or sometimes I the main disk may not have the space so send them to a different path i.e /Extra/myvideo/rawpngs/myvideo_######

I found the cmd line option of -o but that did not make much / any difference.

Is there a way I can tell blender to use a diff output path without opening up and editing the blend file in the gui everytime I need to move things around.

The line in the scripts is ( I put a load of checking before it such as check files exists etc )
In the blend file the output is -

blender -b $PROJ -s $START -e $END -a

This works great and also fixes the problem my pc has of blender crashing at about 7000 frames.
I run the script with 1 3999 , 4000 7999 etc.

I tried -

blender -b $PROJ -s $START -e $END -a -o /Extra/myvideo/rawpngs/myvideo_######

Does any one have any suggestions ?

One day it would be nice to use a 2nd pc ( which I have laying around ) to process a load of script files and render stuff freeing up my main pc. For now Im too busy to think about that but it sounds nice.

I dont think this is relevant. I use linux and have tried blender - V 3.0.1 and also 3.1.2

Thank you.

Arguments are evaluated in the order you provide them so setting the path with -o needs to be done before triggering the render with -a.

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Thank you I will give it a try. Ive hit another problem with adding scenes to vse which I need to fix first. I decided it would be better to have each section in a different scene instead of a blend file for each one.
Thanks again.