Blender in Commercial Work

Greetings, Blender Community! My name’s Paul, and I work for a post house in Sydney. Recently, we were asked by Disney Australia to animate a new intro sequence for a kid’s show. We have used Adobe Illustrator and After Effects in the past, so the look has always been a fast, toon environment with blod colours and simple shapes. This latest project, however, required a fly-thru the studio. I suggested we use Blender. I ran some tests, and my boss was so impressed, he has suggested I take on the job, and use Blender to create a toon environment. The project is almost complete. If there are no issues in showing a few frames or a small version on my website, I’ll post it up for you guys!

Go Blender!


I’d love to se it.

That’s really good to here.
I’m looking forward to seeing what’s accomplished.



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Hi there, this sounds interesting - are you allowed to share what the name of the program is? :slight_smile: What company are you working for?


hhhhmmm sounds cool, will this be shown on tv ?

Very interested!

I’m so glad this isn’t another… “where has blender been used”… but a “we are using blender here!”

Can’t wait to see it!

Can’t wait to see it :smiley:

Exciting news. Bodes well for Blender.

Made with blender, another victory for the program, it’s good commercial companies are starting to realize it’s true power

yea it has pshycic abilitys and can generate fire haha lol joking :P.

Also, Blender has inherently built “Wow” factor. :smiley:

The blender-is-free-no-investment factor plays a big role here I think … was that one of the wow factors of your boss ?

I’d just like to know … . I mean if that was a major player…

Wow… interest abounds! The TV show will be an Aussie Morning TV program called “AM TV”. The company I work for is Steam: Motion and Sound

I am using Blender to construct an entire Toon Village, and a studio set. Two pieces of toast fly into shot, and the camera follows them down the toon street, in through the studio window, and around the toon set. It’s terrific that on the the Mac OS X version, Quicktime exports work seamlessly with Final Cut Pro and After Effects. I shall be finished the animation next week, but for now, swing by the steam website, and see if there is any previous Disney work on there. I can assure you, the look will be the same.

As for the “WOW” factor - it certainly has that. My boss said “wow - it’s free and it does all this!?” Certainly, there are short comings, but most of those have to do with our work flow and program integration - it’s not exactly an adobe product, now, and it’s interface is quite different - but when I whipped up four or five Toon houses in just a few minutes and did some test renders, he said “WOW” a few times.

On the downside, he did find it hard to believe that there is STILL no UNDO button.

Cheers, Guys!


yes there is…i used it several times on my own model:D There’s even an undo history but it only goes so far.

Yeah. Undo is only there for edit mode. You can have upto 64 levels on edit-mode undo.

Undo = U key in edit mode. Very helpful… but a button to undo things in object mode would be nice.
Hope to see the animation !

To those of you interested, download the completed animation from my website. Here is the link:

You can also right click and “save target as”

It is in MPEG-1 format, and viewable by all media players.

On the left hand collumn, it is the file titled “AM TV intro”

Check out the other little blender tests available.


I absolutely loved the animation!
I think you’re on a winner with that one.

The music, the movement, the colours.


Wow, I really like it!

Fast, colorful and crazy :D.