Blender in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an interesting place. I should know I’ve lived here for a while now.

Like a lot of Asian cities there are loads of opportunities to get hold of illegal copies of any type of software. I’ve seen everything, Maya, Max, Lightwave, Renderman, Shade… all going for about $5 US. So why would anyone bother with blender?

I’m just coming up to the end of preparing a short demo reel of animation and as part of the deal will have to produce a report detailing what I have learned, what blender is suitable for and make a comparison with other packages. Obviously a whole chunk will be on free software issues etc.

I made a decision to go with blender about a year ago, and would be interested in talking to anyone in HK that is using it. Right now it seems it’s just me.


I think these people are from Hong Kong:

Try contacting them.

realy $5, could you get me a copy of 3dmax and maya :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Patola,

I’ll see if I can make contact with anyone on the list and see if they’re still active.

Sorry Levon absolutely not. But I admire your nerve. :wink:

One thing you don’t get with your copy software is a manual and quite often that’s fairly essential.

Slightly off topic but I did a quick poll of max users (lots of them here) all of them are dumping max and training up on maya.

If you’re desperate to get in to maya download the Personal Learning Edition.

Thanks again


no i was only joking, i still have to finish learning how to use blender as well as some of the other people on these forums :slight_smile: *coughcoughlohnc,robertt,endi,@ndy,etccoughcough :stuck_out_tongue:

some of us from australia have started trying to get together, not to much luck so far, though we do have over 20 people contacted, we just posted in the news section here, after a few weeks/months we found alot of people

goodluck :smiley:

some of us from australia have started trying to get together

I did the same for Portugal. We are now 5 people.

Thanks everyone.

It wasn’t my original intention but the more I think about it the better it would be to get a group going out here. Everyone benefits from that.

It’ll take a few weeks before I get round to it (deadlines… deadlines) but it’s definitely worth doing.



Just keep in mind that using illagal apps for commecial work could land you in jail.