blender in linux

hello, i just installed Ubuntu 7.04 in my laptop =)

i have the python 2.5 installed and blender 2.45 downloaded.

i wanted to ask, how can i install it? because in the Add/Remove menu i have only the old 2.43 available for download…

and now when i have the new version downloaded, how can i install it?

thank you for replies :slight_smile:

you need to extract it to some folder, then run it trough the command line, to see what additional libraries you need, as 2.45 seems to use some newer libraries(OpenAL, i believe)

If you didn’t do so already, extract the package.

Then go into synaptic and search for “libopenal0a”, then install it.
Also, do the same for a lib called “libalut0”.

Run the blender binary.

Upgrade to 7.10, which came out yesterday. That version of Ubuntu has Blender 2.45 in the repositories.

If you don’t want to do that, use the Static version of Blender.

ok, i got it extracted. but when i run it with ‘blender’ command or ‘blender -w’, terminal says:

The program ‘blender’ is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
apt-get install blender
Make sure you have the ‘universe’ component enabled
bash: blender: command not found

but i’ll try those libraries… if it won’t help, i’ll upgrade to 7.10 tomorrow :slight_smile:

The problem is you probably don’t have the blender binary or a link to a /*/bin folder which is generally where executables go. To fix this first go to the folder that you installed blender and type “./blender” (without quotes). That should run blender from that folder. If it does go to /usr/local/bin and type (as root) “ln -s /path/to/folder/blender blender”.

You should then be able to run blender by typing in “blender” in the command line.

just extract it anywere and run the binery ether threw gui or using ./blender

haha, it workd now! thank you :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to do that, use the Static version of Blender.

can’t seem to find a static version of 2.45. the one that’s available from needs missing libraries, the ones mentioned by social.

Linux x86-32

Static MesaGL version, Python2.4

Static MesaGL version, Python 2.5

wow! thanks kidb! by the way, what are the disadvantages of using static builds? are they comparatively slower than the usual?

They use the MesaGL libraries, which are kind of a software emulation. They do not use the hardware acceleration capabilities of modern graphic cards. But they run on systems without such graphic cards.