Blender in mathematics

I am a professor of mathematics and I want to use Blender in math classes.Please tell me how to correct animation from file attachment.


blender.blend (147 KB)

To get rid of the glitch where the top “lid”(Cube.004) separates from the last “side”(Cube.005) to fall, re-do the animation, but before you do set up a simple parent-child hierarchy between Cube.004 and Cube.005 and you won’t get the separation anymore . You do this by first selecting Cube.004 and then shift-select Cube.005 and hit Ctrl-P -> Make Parent . Now Cube.004 is the “child” of Cube.005 and will “inherit” Cube.005’s rotation/location/scale .

When you redo the animation Cube.004 will not separate from Cube.005 now . You might consider extending this hierarchy to all the sides ultimately making Cube(the mesh object you started with) at the top of the hierarchy .

Also when you start adding keys just insert keys that are required . In your case the entire animation is based on Rot keys only, so only insert a Rot key when you hit I to insert a key . It looks like you inserted Loc/Rot/Scale keys and consequently have generated IPO curves for those other key types which you do not need . In fact you could do your entire animation with a single Rot curve via the IPO Editor as long as you know which axis needed the rotation (it would help if you changed the 3D widget’s view orientation to Local or Global) …

Follow Vertex Pusher’s advice about parenting. Then, after the lid (Cube.004) is open, all you need to move is Cube.005, and it will carry Cube.004 along with it, since it’s the parent. You might also want to move Cube.005’s IPO curves to the left a bit, so the back starts to move down as soon as the lid is fully open, to avoid having that long pause in back while the sides of the cube continue to fall. Unless that’s what you want, of course.

Thank you.Solved.How could thicken diagonal cube?That is possible without using the cylinder?


diagonala.blend (121 KB)

It’s tricky without using a cylinder. There are a couple of scripts (mesh menu >> scripts) which might help: Solid wireframe or solidify selection. They don’t work very well on single edges, though, so to just make the diagonal thicker, replacing it with a three sided cylinder might be your best bet.