Blender in mathematics

Hello. I am a professor of mathematics and in a relatively short time I learned to work in Blender.I want to give me an advice:I want to do export cube,cone,etc from Blender and integrate them into browser(using Java, Flash, etc.).What would be the best method?Here is the program that I work.
Thanks in advance and excuse my English.

you mean for interactive viewing?

flash/papervision would be an option. maybe there’s already a free solution, otherwise you would have to write it yourself. it’s quite limited in speed/polycount though.

another option: webGL, it would work without a plug-in, but afaik it’s not very well supported yet.

i’d recommend unity3D. it’s quite easy to create a 3d model viewer with it and it looks pretty damn good. only drawback: users need to install the webplayer.

Thank you very much.I have installed Unity Web Player .The only problem is how to insert file exported from Blender in html code ?It may result to add to the program that work? Unity license I allow this?

here’s the way i’d do it:

get the unity3D editor:

it’s free (as in priceless), unless you want the pro version.

set up a new project with a nice scene (add some lights, etc.). i usually export FBX files from blender and add it into the project’s “Asset” folder. unity will recognise it automatically and you just have to drag-n-drop the object from the project view into your scene.
add a camera with a decent script to it (that allows orbiting or fly-mode). afaik there are some predefined camera scripts, that come with unity.

the last step is to deploy the project (build it). it’ll export a unity3d file (which is the scene) and a proper html file.

this is just a quick explanation. you probably have to look up unity’s documentation or some tutorials to get familiar with it.

Thank you very much.

There was this format called IGES (I think) which could be viewed in browsers using a special plugin. It’s not that commonly used but it works…
Blender 2.49 even has some exporters and importers for older versions of the format…

here’s a tutorial for exporting to unity

vrml is a bit old but if its just cubes and cones it should be adiquate.

Unity isn’t support Linux, I don’t know if this is a problem for you. Hope you could switch to webgl when its more supported due to its the truly standard.

Thank you all for advice.Unfortunately when I started Unity I got the message:"Unity Editor requires a graphics card with at least 4 texture units.All graphics cards manufactured since 2002 should be ok.
Your graphics card is: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X and it has 2 texture units ."I have to focus to another option until I will buy a new video card.

Wirefusion is a really awesome tool for interactive viewing. It has a free version and it’s using a node drag&drop system so it’s easy to use.

I don’t remember if you need to be able to export to a certain file format to be able to open your models in Wirefusion but I think it can open OBJ files.

Thank you very much.Wirefusion is a really awesome.I did export in Blender format “x3d” .Then I added it to WireFusion Free Edition 5.Unfortunately the animation of 100 frames with rotating cube was not imported.This is because I used edition Free Edition?It would be great if I could show the plane carrying the cube.Thanks again for recommendation.

this is a very easy and great solution! ~I think

You don’t need to animate the cube. You just create controllers for the viewers to rotate around the cube themselves.

Check video 2 for tutorial on how to create the controllers and how to export it for websites.

@3DGURU:Thank for the recommendation.Unfortunately the final product has large size.


Thanks for the link.Unfortunately it seems that I can not add such an animation .[

Oh, you mean that sort of animation. I thought you meant to simply rotate the cube around. Sorry, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, I hope this tutorial can help you then.

Thanks.I found a solution.I will export the animated in gif format and then I will integrate a Wirefusion.Thanks very much for recommendation this program.