Blender in New Zealand + questions

Hello Blender community. I am new to this forum and new to Blender.
I am a Maya / XSI and former EI user. First of all let me say I am very impressed with Blender and I am looking forward to the next release.
Noodles et all. So I would like to meet other Blender users.

Some of my questions are:
Are there any of you in New Zealand? I am in Auckland.
Are there any Blender User Groups in NZ?
If not is there any interest in one?

here is my website and email
[email protected]

I will have other questions but I guess this is cool for now.

well there’s Alltaken and traitor, I know there’s more but I can’t remember atm

I’m from the states, but my goal is to visit New zealand before I die To go see Weta Digital and all that) Does that count? Anyhow, greetings and welcome to the forum, it’s always nice to hear from new users in far away places.


Hey there Greg_n! I’m down in Wellington and like you I am new to Blender and am excited to see where this app and community are headed.

Maybe, if there is not a NZ Blender user group already, we should start one up?

Hey cool …

Thanks Alex_g for the info.

Hey Trevor…yea NZ is really great , you have to make it down here sometime.

Hey Chris… yea I am interested in a Blender User group. Lets talk about this.


greg_n and meesto - If you still use blender get your bums over to!!! :yes:

Sorry I never saw this post until now - there’s a community there that’d love to have you - all kiwis, all love blender! We’ve got a gallery going and are open to submissions, a forum where you can get responses from the other kiwi users on any blender (or related) topic, get help and some of our own kiwi made downloadable resources and video tutorials!

God Bless guys :cool: