Blender in Second life

Hi guys ! I new so dont kill me if i broke any rules by asking this !
Im desperate to learn making sculpties / anything actually :(using blender for Second Life purposes ! If any of you knows of good tutorials that can HELP please please pretty please pass them to me !!!:slight_smile:

P.S. Yes i have done research on it but to be honest it doesnt seem liked there are many useful out there for making stuff in SLcond Life !
Ad you guys are experts so THANK YOU in advance !!!

Here ya go.

I second life still around?

Yes, SL is still around. There are plenty of Blender tutorials for Second Life. I recommend:

There is also a very nice tutorial from CartoonSmart

In addition there are lots of tutorials on youtube for using blender in SL.

Of course I wish there were more, since I am constantly baffled by Blender.