Blender in Sign Language??

(Goofster) #1

today Dreammaster taught me some sign language. And I must say i’m beginning to get pretty good at it (well…i can do the letters A to F :smiley: )

but we discovered an astounding fact! BLENDER HAS NO SIGN!

we made one up, do you think this is THE sign for blender?
of course, if you think of another one, please post it and we can cast our judgment.


(noko) #2


(rndrdbrian) #3

It hurts!

/me tends to his strained fingers… :wink:


(macke) #4

I suppose this is important enough to not be in the off topic section? Sheesh.

(Goofster) #5

it’s about blender isn’t it?

(fullback) #6

True. But it does seem to have that “off topic” sort of atmosphere to it.

Maybe the sign being demonstrated above is actually used to identify/describe Macke’s mohawk. :smiley: His is cut too short though.

(Goofster) #7

no, I do believe Macke’s mohawk is presented by a swift hand movement to the mouth followed by a short but intense laughtermoment.