BLender in the Passadena Rose Parade. Sort of.

Happy New Year!

I worked on the Cal Poly float today and inscribed “Blender” on the back of the dragon, under the broccoli. Though you can’t see it, it’s there.

So On January 2, so if you watch the Rose Parade and see the Cal Poly float, Blender is there!

Hope you all have a safe and animated new year! :smiley:



vandalism is so fun.

It’s not vandalism, it’s subliminal, creative art!

hmm, i used to do stuff like that…got my name in the paper once…

(multiple city buildings vandalized last night)…


it’s subliminal, creative art!

I think it’s cool. To misquote from Spinal Tap, it’s such a fine line between vandalism and art.