Blender in the spotlight: Making of Buckets of blood.

Here is an article on Buckets of blood. A game made with blender + Unity, and sold on steam commercially.

Thanks Michael!

I got the game around x-mas time for $3 US. It really is a funny little game. Lots of humor and lots of action. They even support the Xbox 360 controller for windows!!

Unity is starting to look very sexy… I think i am going to do the platform tutorial after work today. Seeing this and “Bob, came in pieces” being very sucessful on steam, makes me want to quit my job and start my own independent studio.

You forget the link?


Glad someone is paying attention :smiley:

Thanks for the link. Really inspiring.

I’m dabbling in Unity and UDK as well. Unity3D is really nice, fast and easy for the artist, whereas UDK is REALLY powerful but has quite a learning curve.

This year is going to be awesome for Indies.