Blender in Ubuntu 9.04

It’s not related with compiz or visual effects, that bug happens with visual effects disabled also.

It’s not related with custom builds neither, this happens with build and stable ubuntu repositories.

The OP bug is due to Intel driver and mesa libs.

EDIT: Yesterday I posted some advices and repositories needed to solve this problem, but looks like the moderator didn’t like it, perhaps because that was my first post and it had URLs on it, don’t know why.

Actually it might not be the driver either.

I had several crashes in 8.04 , with failures to redraw windows title bars , etc. Disabling effects did not improve the situation even by 1%. Tried several drivers, in the end the whole UBUNTU install collapsed in itself had to remove entirely and return back to windows.

I upgraded to 9.04 using the same drivers and the problems disappeared.

It might be the opposite her.

Try with 8.04

It’s the driver, just google “ubuntu 9.04 intel driver”, is not an isolated case. I will not post links to avoid to be moderated :no:

Of course reverting to 8.04 or 8.10 will solve the problem. I recomend Ubuntu 8.04 as it is a LTS release, it will has Canonical’s support untill 2011.

If you upgraded from Ubuntu 8.04 to 9.04 you upgraded the driver, because you upgraded the whole kernel and xserver. (Supposing you are using Intel graphics device)

Fair enough , no argument there as I experienced different kind of problems.

But why be moderated for some links , that does nor make any sense.

Does anyone know how to change the title of the thread?

The forum was being targeted by spambots posting links to commercial websites. It may not be the ideal solution, but the one arrived at was to withold posts from new users that contained links until they could be checked by a moderator.
Think of it as a kind of quarantine.

You can post links once your post count reaches a certain ‘safe’ level.

As I said:

Yesterday I posted some advices and repositories needed to solve this problem, but looks like the moderator didn’t like it, perhaps because that was my first post and it had URLs on it, don’t know why.
Anyway, I’ll try again, I’m not in the mood to write again the whole post, so this is the short version:

Upgrade xserver, mesa libs and intel driver from this repository:
General desktop performace will decrease, this upgrade doesn’t support EXA so you should add

Option "AccelMethod" "UXA"

to Device section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf and compile a KMS enabled kernel, that’s not avaliable on 2.6.29 kernel so you should go for 2.6.30-rc5 unstable kernel. I’m using 2.6.30-r3 and I have no hibernation or suspend features.

Ok, I tried again, posted another short version of solution to this problem and it is again on the thash bin :no:

So the short-short-without links-version is:
Upgrade mesa libs, xserver and intel driver from xorg-edgers (google it), enable UXA and compile a 2.6.30 kernel with KMS enabled.

Sorry, I’m not in the mood to explain it detailed. Again.

And sorry my poor english.

That worked!!! Thank you. :yes:

Maybe the mods are killing your posts that get stuck in the mod buffer since there is already a thread that has this solution…

Well, multiple threads since everyone that has an intel video card and upgrades to jaunty seems to have a natural aversion to using the search function.

And where would that be???

Yeah, lots of info about “disable stupid visual effects” by people who doesn’t have this problem.

Sorry but I searched for this solution even here and didn’t find it. I read about upgrading mesa libs, but it decreases overall desktop performance, so I found the KMS kernel solution by luck (I was researching about new kernel improvements, I’m not a graphical designer).

That is not written anywhere, I registered here just to help giving an info I’d have loved to found googling it.

But it keeps “buffered”. Please, search “blender ubuntu kms” on this forum, I cannot found any info about blender + 2.6.30 kms kernel besides this thread.

For those with the Intel graphics related problem, my workaround was to install Intrepid (Ubuntu 8.10), in a VirtualBox virtual partition (on my Jaunty ), and run Blender from there…

until the issues around the Intel drivers are fixed for Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04)

Just one question: Are you gonna finally change the topic for the correct one: Blender in Ubuntu 9.04 ?


Same problem with me.

Installed Ubuntu 9.04 through BootCamp on my Intel MacBook with Leopard for the sake of using Blender (MacBook with Leopard hates Blender and makes the interface slow down and eventually crash)…

The strange thing is that I also have Ubuntu 9.04 installed with VirtualBox (virtual machine thingy…) on the exact same MacBook (Basically I have two Ubuntu9.04’s on my MacBook… xD) and this graphical glich isn’t there…?

Through BootCamp the problem is there and through virtual emulation it’s absent…? o.O

i had virtual box on my windows machine, and it used the onboard graphics instead of my pcie2 card. it probably does the same on mac. so that would indicate the problem is with the gpu driver. if 9.04 is the problem why dont people just instal the earlier version?

Yea sure, any day, when I figure out how to.

ha, I worked it out.

Same problem…

I try this tutorial

Nothing happend :frowning:

I’ll use windows one more time.

Same problem.

I try but nothing happend.