Blender in Ubuntu 9.04

Partial solution…

Run the “blender-softwaregl” file from blender 2.49a. Run ok, but slower…

BF_DIST_BIN=dirname "$0"
BF_PROGRAM=“blender” # BF_PROGRAM=basename "$0"-bin


if [ -n “$LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH” ]; then
if [ -n “$LD_LIBRARYN64_PATH” ]; then
if [ -n “$LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64” ]; then


“$BF_DIST_BIN/$BF_PROGRAM” ${1+"[email protected]"}
exit $exitcode

Well I got it to work on my newest laptop, but I have a Nividia GPU on that one, and the divers available for them work like a charm . And Blender really does seem to run faster under Linux … Audio’s another story though … I configured it so I can hear, but there doesn’t seem like there are available drivers for my set up (absolutely no recording) …

My other laptop has the Intel mobile graphics chipset and I could not get that to run Blender properly in Jaunty . This a known issue, and there are apparently 2 solutions to it . One is to regress your drivers to ones used by Intrped (which I didn’t try) and the other is to update your drivers to the alpha drivers that is being used in Karmic (which I did, and the problems went away … until I updated, then it was back to the same old problems) … You can find the threads at the Ubuntu forums : (the regression info is actually a page in their support section : if you want to try them …

As for me I just decided to switch up to Karmic now (the intel laptop is no longer my main workstation) . Blender will run fine mostly with the current alpha 3 release … If you opt for this just don’t update now (it’s a big one) and will screw up some settings so better to wait for a less buggy release(especially the touchpad/mouse settings which in turn disables for some odd reason Blender’s ability to draw popup menus - this might have something to do with the libjpeg 7 libraries that Blender seems to be compiling with … otherwise the GUI works OK, at least there are no major draw issues other then the rather important menu issue) …

… You should take what I say with a large grain of salt though, I have only been a Linux/Ubuntu convert/user for only about 2 weeks (though I do know my way around search engines) …