Blender in video game design?

Just curious to see how often Blender is used in video game design.

Blender has a game engine, full of bugs as of 2.45 but they’re being fixed like heck now thanks to a new developer.

Blender can do low poly and has excellent UV unwrapping, it’s been used more then you think among indie game developers.

Video game design? Not the actual video game? Well, designing a game would mean concept art and story / written game mechanics. So I would have to say probably never.

I’m using it to prototype environments for a game with SONY right now… that is very much video game design and not the actual video game, which is for PlayStation3!

It was invaluable as the turnaround time needed to be quick and i couldn’t get a devkit for the first two and a half months on a 5 month project…
i found it pretty easy to set up a character and camera to match the engine I’ll be delivering in.

I had hoped to prototype the shading and lighting with GLSL but through a combination of user errors and stupidity and just some nasty bugs I had to abandon that. I’ve recently been looking at crystal space to see if i can overcome some of the issues above, but it’s very much “sideline” research now.

I’ll be using blender to author the final assets although maya is used for final export , (ADD SHADERS, BAKE LIGHTING, ADD TAGS, EXPORT) with the proprietary toolchain developed for the game.

Touche! Glad to see you using it for a demo!

Well, not exactly using it for full game design, but I’m using it to make models for a HL2 mod, for whatever that’s worth.