Blender in web

Hi guys. I made a little game, but i was hoping to play it online, how can i do this? there is some manual or something to do this?

Nope. You can’t. The web plugin kinda died. You can get others to download it. But thats about it.

Well that’s a problem…

I don’t know if Blender allows me to connect the game to a database in a server.

Something like i download my .exe file, when i execute it. Blender read information of the database in the server.

With that information I can initialize my variables and start the game…i can do something like that???

Blender can work over the internet…thats called port forwarding. You just can’t put it on the internet.

Oh that’s great!!! you have some manual to do this???

I don’t, but you should check out WSAG.

Thanks a lot!!!

That project has amazing tutorials I think they would help me.

maybe with the use of other applications and integrate it with blender…

Uh, you guys know that a new web plugin has been developed and has been around for a few months now, right? It’s called Burster. It works pretty well. Is that the plugin that you’re referring to, Sunjay? It seems like a viable method to play BGE games over the internet (the game doesn’t have to reside on your computer prior to play, so it sounds like a web player to me).

Yes, I have been following Burster since it came out, but it’s only for Blender 2.49. They won’t go on developing Burster for 2.5x until it’s officially released as the main/stable version.

Also like to note that you should really watch your file sizes for images and sound if you want to make a game for the web (using Burster, on anything like that). You easily get bigger files, which means it takes some time to load, and most importantly a high internet traffic. And if you read the terms of condition of web-servers that claim to have unlimited data transfer, those are only for regular sites, no download sites, games, movies or things like that with high data traffic, in those case you will need dedicated hosting which isn’t so cheap…. But that’s only if you have a decent amount of visitors loading your game every day… Just saying, in case you want to go “big(ger)”.

Well, a web plugin for 2.49 is better than no plugin at all. Many people are still using 2.49 for Blender games. So I would say the answer at the moment is “Yes, you can do it with Burster, and there are instructions on their site (although not a lot of them).”
Does anyone know whether anything special needs to be done to the .blends or whether anything that can be played in Blenderplayer can be played in Burster (ignoring size issues)?

You need to pack the textures, and there are some python libs that you can’t access, but they are rare ones so it’s not usually a problem.
I’ve had good success with Burster so far.

As of today, the newest version of Burster just got 2.5 support, which is great.