Blender+Indigo screencast and new manual

Hey all,

I’ve just finished up an introductory screencast that shows how to install and use Indigo for Blender.

The download URL for our Blender exporter is:

We’ve also reviewed our Blender+Indigo manual and uploaded it here:

I thought it’d be a worth a look if any of you haven’t tried Indigo since the old 1.0 days. Indigo 2.2 is a lot faster as well, it gets to a ‘clean’ image in less than half the time of Indigo 1.1.18. We also have 30 lifetime licences left of Indigo if you’re a commercial user.


Cool stuff ben!

I’ve updated an old blender tutorial on how to do ‘rays of light in a dusty room’ and put it in our techniques manual…|outline