Blender Indirect Lightning Render Scene


I was looking for the bench test scene for the new render branch.
But I am unable to find it.

Anybody knows where the file is?

Look here:

no no that is not the scene they used to compare the former and the new renderbranch render speed.

I tried to google the image as a visual example but I cannot find it.


could you describe it?

inside a room
red ball
sun sky light

it showed color bleeding
and indirect light bounces

Man it is a known scene and it drives me nuts that I cannot find it. grrr

how about setting up a standard cornell box by yourself? Standard color bleeding test scene, requires almost no effort.

post deleted

that is actually the file I was talking about.

People were benchmarking that scene and had times from
past render branch versions.

Thank you.

that scene renders in 4 seconds for me. :stuck_out_tongue: what kind of computer was he using 2 years ago for the 9 minute render?

(i just tried the current settings with ambient occlusion so far.)

two years ago, Blender’s raytracing was vastly unoptimized.

no no

this scene was recently updated with the new render branch.

the guy who did the first rendering with the render branch has 2+ minute
time and with the new speed improvements cut that by 50%.

I am still looking for the thread where that was posted.

Hey cekuhnen

That scene you talking about, I linked to the blend file, in the Blender Development thread, it’s on page# 510

But, here it is again:
Oh, and it’s down to 57sec. thanks to more work from Brecht… :slight_smile:

I think I might need to make a more complex scene I guess


57 secs? what rig?

it takes me 1:58 min with an i7 M 620.

Hm, I got 45 sec. and go down to 40 if I use 16 tiles.
Build r29601, my specs look at the bottom.

Greetz mib

45 s with default setting
ubuntu 10.04 32 bit, sse3 optimized build, phenom II X925
Impressive work, Brecht!

holy crab! :eek:

thank you guys for bringing this to my attention! Didn’t know the render branch has been making such amazing progress! Did I really see point-cloud technique for GI in Blender internal? zomg…

Q6600 on Ubuntu 9.10 here… just 50 secs from the latest graphicall render branch build…

my pc results are somehow confusing
i render the scene in blender truck 29574 and it took 27m 40s, i did the same rendering in render branch 2.5 29574 and it took 3m 50s!!!

that a huge difference in time between trunk and branch you know
and one other thing, the exposure seems to differ to much in the to pics

my rig is as follows
pentium 4 HT 3400 MHz
1.5 gb ddr1, intel 915gav
windows 7 x64

and BTW

comparing your rig with mine you should render in 1/6 time of mine which will be about 40 sec, you need to optimize your pc setting maybe!??

1 minute and 18 sec. on a Phenom II X4 964 with 8 Gig of RAM, Win 7 64.

All I did was open the file and hit render.

r29595m from zooblender.

55.77 sec. from the graphicall version 29593link


was about time you find out about, ha pal?

The render branch is getting better and better and recently also faster.


that confused me a little as well.
I just opened and rendered the scene.
The PC has a fresh win XP installed.

I noticed that when the red sphere is being rendered
the time and cpu load drops with blender.

I assume this has something todo with the tile system.

mib2berlin has an Q6600 which is slightly faster than the i7 m 620
but his time is half of mine.

Or I just got the wrong build.

But still