Blender Information

Hello blenderHeads,

I have a little question about blender. I am trying to locate information about blender: Information that says who made blender and why it is made, basically a little history of our dear Blender.

It’s funny how hard it is to get such information. Please if anyone knows where i can find such info on the web – any URL you can muster any thing. I will be the must greatful Blenderhead.

I know what you are asking. Why do i need this information? well i will be presenting Blender in my class in 1 or 2 weeks from now and i need some background information to add to what i already have.

PLEASE PEOPLE HELP :frowning: make me :smiley:



Who made Blender: Ton

AFAIK no ‘history of blender’ is ready out there… but if you manage to get Ton to speak (and [email protected], and I’d bet Calli as well as Green should know something… and… why not Kib…) and you write it please share :wink: