Blender Inputs - With Maya Pan View / Rotate View / Zoom in and out Preset

I am new to Blender and one thing that is very frustrating for me as a new member (2 months old) is following tutorials or asking people questions and seeing the majority using Blender inputs that is sort of different from the one I’m using: Maya inputs.
Although the differences might not be big, still when I’m in Blender using Maya Inputs, I’m always struggle to find which key is what in relation to Blender input.
Another thing is when I’m watching tutorials and having the same problems with the keys not working because I’m using a different input.

Today I decided to make an effort and explore the inputs keys and managed to come up with the Blender input, exactly the same, with only three changes.

This will work exactly the same as if you were inside Maya viewport.

ALT + LMB = Rotate View
ALT + MMB = Pan View
ALT + RMB = Zoom in / out (if you move the mouse up and down, NOT left or right).

If you are not happy with the zoom in and out / up down, you can always selected the box “Invert Zoom Direction” on the left hand side under Input > Presets.

The next time you look at any tutorial, you should be fine in following from start to finish without having a problem in miss-matching keys.

Hope that helps.