Blender insights needed

Hi all,

My name is Veronica and I’m part of an Autodesk research team who wants to hear from Blender users. Please take this 1-minute survey here:, to tell us about your Blender and community experiences. This isn’t about Maya, 3ds Max or Autodesk products at all - I really want to hear all about you, and how Blender makes you a successful 3d artist.

Do you also want to be interviewed on this topic? Talk with a User Researcher and receive a gift card for your time. Choose “YES” to the last survey question and provide your contact information.

Thank you!

That’s it? No more info? Just click a fake url and hope for the best? Who are you?


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According to the link and survey, it is from Autodesk?! That’s likely enough information most need :slight_smile:


I can confirm this is from Autodesk.

So why is Autodesk surveying Blender users?

Market research, most likely.

We’ll die before we give up our secrets! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fixed. I bet the no-info method gets more results. Marketing is fascinating.

Won’t load for me. Must not like my security. Or Firefox.

I learned about vanity URL shorteners today. :slight_smile:

And unshorteners. Look before you leap.

Hi Larry,
I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the link. Have you tried other browsers or, on other devices? I’ve never encountered someone having trouble with it. Please let me know if you’re interested in taking the survey but continue to have trouble.

You’re right that both links go to the same place:, and

I wanted to look. Maybe later. I have all browsers. FF just my default. Loaded with blockers.

I’m on a VPN at the moment too. Lots of biz sites won’t load just because of that.


Worked fine with Vivaldi.

As long as they don’t try to buy Blender and all the rights…

Please… Not that again.
They simply can’t, OK? So please don’t worry.

I’d rather like to take it as prove that we’re so good, that AD is interested in learning something from us. That’s a big complement, don’t you think?
This is absolutely no threat. Be kind to them. They are a dying breed. (Joking friendly :wink:)

Eh. Autodesk is great with me as long as they don’t take my Blender away. A friend of mine uses their myriad crud to do things for landscape architecture or whatever that degree that she’s working on in school is called. I tried 3DS Max before Blender and I like their modifier stack a bit better; but it’s a resource-hog and it’s pretty darned expensive for me as a newbie hobbyist.

75 bucks is 75 bucks. More plugins from Blender Market for me. You got your survey respondent here. :stuck_out_tongue: