Blender Installation on Gentoo

I’m still battling to get Blender 2.49b running on my brand new Gentoo install.

The splash page comes up but does not respond to mouse or keyboard. (See screenshot)


That looks like a problem with the graphics driver.

What card and driver are you using?

Also, why are you using 2.49? 2.61 is pretty stable and very usable. If you don’t need 2.49 for a specific project I recommend you consider upgrading to 2.61.

Yes. I think it’s a hardware problem.

Works okay without the video card.

I’m using 2.49 because I use Yafaray (which, I believe CAN use 2.5+) and Pantograph, (which seems to be dormant and which, AFAIK, cannot run under 2.5+)

Yes, you should be able to get an up to date linux build from if you want to try it.

I don’t know if it will fit with Gentoo’s directory structure and dependency versions though :slight_smile: