Blender instead of Poser in workflow

Referring to :
I really like this artist’s workflow, and would like to setup something similar.

But in step 3 I want to replace Poser with Blender.
And confine steps 4 and 5 to Adobe Illustrator CS2.
(I don’t have Painter and Photoshop.)

I am completely new to 3D, so please don’t be offended : is it possible to replace Poser with Blender ?
I’m currently only looking for : modeling (over my rough sketches), posing models (with Blender checking for unnatural poses).

I already checked out the Blender export formats and there are many raster formats which Illustrator understands.
(Although direct vector outline output to .ai format would have been nicer.)

Also, is it still worth buying the Blender 2.3 Guide ?
Has the UI changed considerably or not ?
I looked at the change log, and there were many UI changes if I understand well.
In short am I going to spend too much time finding out the differences between the book and the latest version ?

Doing a human figure in Blender takes a lot of talent and time, so you could do your figures but I doubt it would be any 20-30min deal.

For me 3d is a hobby, Poser is the only realistic way for me to add humanoid figures, so I keep it around and use it just for the figures then import them into Blender.

If you want to use poser figures in Blender you can import them after they have been posed. I do not know of any way to keep the rigging or morph targets, so it would not be able to tell you of unnatural poses.

There have been alot of changes to the UI but I still use my 2.3 guide.

Search elysiun for MakeHuman.

People, sorry for the terrible delay in responding, but while I was typing in this reply, the migration to VBulletin started.
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Doing a human figure in Blender takes a lot of talent and time, so you could do your figures but I doubt it would be any 20-30min deal.
boxfish, that’s OK. Like I said I’m completely new to 3D. I was not expecting to finish this stage within 30 minutes.
Also the models wouldn’t have to be very detailed and finished (see step 4 of the workflow).

The main reasons for including 3D are as a reference for depth of field, to tryout different perspective views, seeing shadows in the right places, and the software checking for unnatural poses.
The final output will always be produced with Illustrator.
Also, if it doesn’t work out, it shouldn’t have cost me a cent.

I decided to buy the Blender Guide if I decide for Blender. It doesn’t cost much, and I would support the project.

And thanks Skottish, for pointing me to MakeHuman.
But is it a plugin for Blender or a standalone application ?
Anyway I’m going to try it out, and DAZ|Studio also.

And this place is packed with useful postings. Bloody Hell.

makehuman available as blender plugin and standalone app. But no poses like in poser, yet, AFAIK.

Thanks lycanthrope.

Late response again. Lost my way on the forum, reading other posts.

But even though it has no poses, it is relatively easy to rig a MH figure after exporting it to Blender.