Blender Institute keep starting films!

Cosmos Landrymat, Agent 327, Hero and Spring all feel like the opening scene of a feature film rather than a short film on their own. Are they hoping to get the budget to make one of these into a feature? Elephant’s Dream, Big Buck Bunny, Sintel and Tears of Steel all felt like complete stories. I’m not complaining… I just… now I want to see the rest of Cosmos Landrymat.

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It also seems odd to me that Cosmos hasn’t gotten off the ground, ostensibly due to it costing too much to finish – when we already have several memorable movies “in the can.” I agree that Blender Foundation should continue to be in the movie business. Each and every time Blender’s blade has been held up against the whetstone of a movie production, it has noticeably improved.

Blender institute*

Thanks for the correction.

All of the short films the Blender Studio guys does is produced in order to improve and develop the software itself, it’s not intended to tell a real full story. I know it might be a little frustrating to not see the end of the movies, but to test the whole potential of the software the guys need to make it from nothing, otherwise it would’t make any sense to test the software with something already done.

Yeah - the point of the Blender Institute films is to test Blender, improve Blender and to promote Blender… and it seams like until Cosmos Laundromat they were doing this with self-contained, one off, fully formed, 12 minute films. Now it seems they’ve swapped to creating what feels like the first scene of a feature-film. Both are valid - and it’s totally working - Blender just keeps on getting better, and so does it’s user base.

I’m not complaining… is this a conscious choice?

To my understanding, Hero and Spring are short films whose story is complete. Well, you must put part of you to imagine/intuit the cycle in the story in both of them.
About Spring, you read about other Spring myths/legends/stories, they are all pretty much the same story.

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From what I understand, one of the other ideas is that people take the source files and start extending the movie with them, but that seems to be something that never happens.

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