Blender Integrated with C++

I am working on integrating Blender with a game engine I am creating in C++. How does one go about using graphics created in Blender in an actual game, without using the built in game engine? (Sorry for the noobish question, but I am new to Blender)

if it was me, i would write an exporter for blender, or use prewritten exporter, and a importer/model loader for the game engine.

vertices, texture choords, bones, vertex groups, mabey some more data.

blender has quite a few built in exporters, but it depends on what 3d data you want, say if you want animations, or mesh deformers.

i think all the blender exporters are written in python.

in 2.49 you could save a mesh in a raw format that could be copypasted into c source, but i just looked into it for 2.56. no dice.