Blender integration - the .blend file and best way to import a file

Hello everyone,

I am studying code, C, C++, python and the structure of the Blender source code.
As an architect using Archicad, I’m also studying it’s API to write plugins (it also uses C and C++), and I have a sort of an ambitious goal:
Write a better integration between both softwares.
Archicad exports a lot of formats, but none of them are perfect. The best option today is the FBX (from a plugin to export to Twinmotion), but it have some issues with setting some materials.

So I have some questions:

  1. It’s possible or viable to another software export the “.blend” file directly? As far as I know no other software handles the .blend file directly, is there a particular reason?
  2. If you could choose between any other format to import, export and integrate with the blender workflow, what would be the most complete, that handles materials, cameras and lights? A well documented and open source format?
  3. Is there another way to make a “direct link” between Blender and another software without importing and exporting? I.e. some geometry changed in one software gets automatically updated in the other? Archicad does this with Rhino Grasshopper and Twinmotion.

I know that this is a very complex topic and a very long research must be done, but I would like more an advice for now of the possibilities, to better plan my studies and project roadmap.


Take a look at blenderbim, using ifc.
There is a “live link” connector using speckle, but still in early phase of dev.


I couldn’t find it. Can you explain detailed?