Blender Integration

What would people like to see integrated into future versions of Blender?
One thing to start, Tendril Fire. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Also a much easier fluid system.

everything I’ve already thought of

everything I’ve not already thought of

… yeah, that’s a start

…Also a much easier fluid system.

What is so difficult about it now!?

Explain how it could be easier than it is now.

Huh? As an individual feature? “Hey guys, Blender has a new ‘tendril fire’ feature! You can make tendril fire, and… uh… well, that’s about it, really. Yeah, that’s it.”

Sorry for the sarcasm… I just couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, how about a more widely useful feature? Like lower-level Python bindings for the particle system, and maybe a more advanced particle system in general. Either of those would allow you to accomplish tendril fire. In fact, I strongly suspect that tendril fire can already be accomplished with the existing particle system. You just have to be creative.

Pretty good fire could be made with the old particle system, so it’s probibly better now for fire. I’ll have to play with it.

Doesn’t integration mean putting one program into another?

If so, I would like someone to buy the PBRT book, learn how to make a Physically Correct Renderer, and put it in Blender. That would be totally awsome. You get a scanline renderer, with or without RayTraceing, YafRay with GI, possibly Aqsis, and a mondo renderer.

When I see these threads asking for what people whould like with new Blenders, it’s feels like people arn’t happy with Blender.

i would like ableton live 5 integrated into blender. that would be awesome…ableton’s interface is very blenderlike…it would be seamless…like a pair of jeans that’s been made to look seamless…like that…someone please hack abletons source code and integrate it…now…please… NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…tanx

Individual features? Bah! Better to cut to the chase and add the “Create Toy Story” button for creating feature length animations with a single click.

Some way to generate IPO’s for each individual particle in a system so individual particle paths can be manually manipulated to get things just the way you want them. This way if a particle system is almost perfect… I generate ipos and then just manually manipulate the little bit I want specifically.
Lightwave has this functionality now. Its quite usefull.

please let’s not start another feature requests thread!

check dot org forum’s appropriate topics!

and wait for the usual 2.xx features wishlist here…

let’s say theoretically someone with the free time wanted to integrate every open source program into blender…how awesome would that be? i mean come on…come on, let’s do it…together…do i hear a community project coming up? we can call it blender 17.4.2…i can hear it now…blender getting rave reviews…how bout we integrate linux inside of blender…

please let’s not start another feature requests thread!

check dot org forum’s appropriate topics!

and wait for the usual 2.xx features wishlist here…

Totally agree with this. After every release the whole wishlist is repeated again and again…
Check the official Feature requestlist here:

I think if another topic like this then the moderator should nuke it or re-direct it into the already discussed topic that would save a lot of repeated and mundance request.

Personally i think there is anough features now for the developers to address the reall issue of blender which is its speed. it has feautures-a-plenty and yet it gets slower with each release. i reckon if it was faster than people would be able to make much more out of what the current features are.