Blender interface on an 800 by 600 pc.


Wondering if anyone can help me get the blender “info bar” at the top right hand side of the interface into my viewable area. I have a 800 by 600 res only monitor. Have tried Alt LMB (MMB) to drag it over as per other tool bars but to no avail.

Don’t think it’s possible to scroll the info window and I don’t know why it is not possible.
You can try to split the window. Move the mouse from inside the info window to its border. When the arrow cursor becomes visible RMB–>Split area. In blender 2.27 additionally you can use the “hide pulldown menus” button (little triangle on the left).
This way you should get all infromation hidden in the info window, though I didn’t try this on a 800X600 screen.

Must be you only have a two button mouse?


if you are running 2.27 there is an option to hide the menus up there
press the little triangle to the left of the file menu, and it (all) will be hidden, moving the info stuff to the left

(press control+u after changing the inital scene to save that as default)