Blender Interface with other Engines

Hey guys,

I am new in the forum and I am starting my transition specially from 3dMax to Blender.

I am an architect from Brazil but based in Barcelona and work mainly with architectural visulizations so I woud like to ask you a few questions:

  • Is it easy to import models from Revit, SketchUp and Rhino3D to Blender? What are the bet formats to do so 3DS and DWG?
  • As I’ve been working with 3DMax and V-Ray for the last decade I have a pretty big library of models and shaders is it possible to import them to Blender using Cycles as render engine? How do the shaders come?
  • Is there any type of Proxy engine in blender? I mean in a complex scene with some hundreds of trees how should I proceed? Is there a way of exporting them to proxy?
  • Is there a place where I can buy some plugins? I am used to ForestPack Pro, RailClone Pro and CGSource Floor Generator where I should find such kind of tools?
  • Finaly, where can I find some good tutorials about texturing, lightning and renderings?

Thank you very much, I am very excited with this new experience and pretty motivated!

Best wishes,


and welcome to the forums. Even when I’m new, too. ^^

to 1: I’m not sure about the formats there are using, but .obj should work. :wink: If you don’t want to use obj, you could check what formats Blender supports. File -> Import
There might also be plugins available for more formats.

to 4: I don’t know a place to buy plugins for Blender, but I know that there are also free plugins. File -> User preferences -> Addons

to 5: I would suggest this channel, my favourite channel for Blender tutorials:

I hope this answer helps you even if I can’t answer all questions.