Blender interior modeling timelapse - part 01


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Did these doors and windows come from an addon? OR did you made them yourself?

I’ve modelled them myself, it’s not addon cutting walls through, it’s hidden boolean objects parented to empty cuts the walls.

Ah can you teach me, i am quite interested in that…

I’ll try to make my next video dedicated to that :slight_smile:

Here it is! (tutorial)


that’s an interesting method you used there. I wanted to know if you used that asset (window, door, or sliding door) from that video into another blender with a different design of house. would it do the same thing regarding the boolean?

hmm I take another look at your first video. I see you already prepared windows and doors and other objects. They were already setup with boolean modifier to cut the hole. Never mind about my question from above.

I don’t use assets for doors and windows (for this project) I modelled them myself, furniture and decor I take usually from and