Blender Internal Bathroom

Once again, another bathroom render hits the forum:

please be brutally honest.

I’m not aiming for complete realism, a kind of real characature type thing… if you get what I mean?

I would like opinions on the colours and composition as well please.

thanks everyone.


woah, nice color scheme. The lighting adds a nice, homely effect. Are those white tiles, tiles or bricks? Thats a weird question i know, but they kinda look like bricks to me. Also the wall above the toilet is lacking…something…I dunno, it just seems kind of empty…other than that, great job!

thanks for your feedback,
maybe a mirror would fit above the toilet?

and i’m not sure about the tiles… they do look kinda brick - like… but i’m not sure what it is…

Maybe you could add a towel rack above the toilet?
Lol, I’ve never looked in a mirror while using the john…

haha, i’m not sure about a towel rack, maybe a shelf? I was also thinking i might add some bottles of shampoo on there and around the bath…

ill put a towel rack under the window to the left and maybe make a sink, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it that well.

I’m not an interior decorator but I thought if it were my bathroom I might like a big oceanscape painting on the wall there.

I don’t think it’s smart putting paintings in bathroom, considering the changes in heat and humidity.
Maybe add a toiletpaper holder? and some kind of storage, like a cabinet (maybe you could add the mirror above that).
Also I would move the toilet a lil’ bit to the right, just to get it in the middle of the bath and the wall (but that might just be my obsession with symmetry playing up :p)

The materials look good btw :slight_smile:

The lighting looks good and I agree it needs more decor, the brick seems a bit odd to me inside a residence.

thanks for your input guys, I’ve rendered a higher res version for finer critique, and a closeup of the tiles :wink:

higher res :

I decided to stick a shelf above the toilet, I might add some indoor lighting and turn off the CAbberation, but i didnt realise how strong it was until I rendered in full HD.

thanks again

I’ve added a video, it was a nightmare to render, so it’s at a v.low resolution, but should be fine for the forum :slight_smile:

please ignore the normals problem on the bottle [on the bath], i’ve since corrected it.

I’m working on decreasing render times so I can go higher res :slight_smile:

I think that the back of the toilet needs to be a little taller, while the bowl needs to be smaller. In comparison to the bath tub, the proportions seem a little off… Looks nice other wise :slight_smile:

When i looked at the high res image,i noticed that your toilet and bathtub material are the same? Maybe not, but i think they should just be slightly different colors from each other, just MO though. By the way, how did u add that lens flare in the video o cant figure out how to get that rendered with scene…is it a compositor add on?

yeah, I used the glare node set to ghosts for the lens flare.

ill adjust the materials on the bath + toilet, and ill raise the back of the toilet.

thanks guys, I knew something looked wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

thx for post.this forum has always come very interesting

discussions … I hope this will continue