Blender Internal Blur node problem - png issue

Hi guys

I have a problem with simple blender scene setup. All I did, add png image over backgound. After I blur it in compositor render show black outline where blur ends. Can anyone know how to solve this issue?

The strange thing, looking at your node setup, is how the background image appears at all!

I add the background in VSE and set the blend mode to over drop. So it appear in render.
Problem is when i use blur on the image if alpha is set to Sky everything is ok but when i set it to Transparent it messes up.

Try Alpha Over instead of Over drop in the VSE.
It should at least act a bit better !

cheers !

You need to use the Alpha Convert node to Premultiply the key in the compositor. This will fix the image area at zero value. You only have to do this when using the VSE for alpha composites.


Thanks for reply guys.

I try both ways but it didn’t helped. Instead I try with Gaussian Blur over Fast Gaussian and it worked.