Blender internal displacement from image texture


I started using Blender with cycles so it might be an obvious question but I couldn’t find anything by googleing.

The core of the problem is you can’t export textures to obj (+mtl) if you define the materials with cycles engine. But blender has Blender Render which works properly and can export the textures.

But… For background or high contrast textures I really like to use the the color output for displacement like this (works really good with wood, concrete and some types of cloth):

It’s a simple, fast, convenient way to add some realism without the need to create or find bump or normals.

In Blender Render you can’t do this. I know there is a displacement modifier, but couldn’t really recreate the results with simply using the image texture.

Is there any simple way to achieve what I want in Blender internal? If not whats the fastest way to create displacement?

Bonus question: Is there any way to export textures properly from cycles in to obj? (this would be the best)

I sorry I messed up, actually opened this topic twice. It either can be deleted or here is the other one with the answer.

Play with Normal values under influence > Geometry in Texture tab:

Interesting. Opening your attached file I have those options, but in my model I don’t. It looks like I dont have the mapping and influence tabs.

You need to create the material first, and then create the texture for that material in texture tab and open the image, then enable the corresponding box in Normal item. If you share your .blend file, perhaps we could analyze it better.

Do not forget to pack the images first into .blend file, and then save the .blend file with another name before sharing (File menu > External data > Pack All into .blend)

By the way, maybe you better want to do searches on “normal map in blender internal” and analyze oiptions like these:

Another thing, Blender internal is going to be abandoned in Blender 2.8, in case you did not know.