Blender Internal GI Shots

Heh… been working on GI in blender internal for a while, finally got around to posting some shots…

(check my sig for the wiki):

and the ist bug free image!! w00t!

Testers: Read this for useful information and a crash course on using GI:

Build Links:

LEVON IS POSTING A WIN32 BUILD, look for it at bottom.
Win32(today, path-0.3):
Linux(today, path-0.3.1):

ah uh that means you are getting caustics and color bleeding into blenders renderer? also photon mapping is planed? great!!! any time plan idea :wink:


Whoa, pretty nice! Do you have some stats about the render time for each image (with, of course, the system specs)? Sorry to hear that school’s getting in the way of progress, but good luck! I hope you work out all the bugs and do something about all the noise! And of course try keep render times relatively low ;)…

Wow, it looks like it will/would be a great addition to Blender.

the caustics image is a bit hard to make out, though.

nice work so far.


the one with the stairs took a good 20min i think (i was watching tv while rendering so not sure.

Oh yeah :smiley: irradience cacheing is planned next… although itll be tough to hack that into blender :wink:

but heh… im up for the challenge

Man those are some neat features for blender internal, if you’re going for GI then perhaps you should find a way to make it so users can choose the percentage of light that a material bounces back into the environment and the maximum allowed bounces that would be set in the render buttons. That would probably allow for some amazing physically correct lighting schemes.

:wink: yep :slight_smile:

The amount of light that bounces is controlled by the materials in the scene, the depth is controlled by the depth setting in the Global Illumination (or Amb Occ, depending on which build you have) panel (check world buttons in the test uild). :slight_smile:

and thanks for posting… reminded me that i forgot to post the build links!