Blender internal how to combine render passes to get combined pass?


is there any node setup available that shows how to combine all single render passes from the blender internal renderer to get the original image (original combined pass)?
So I want to know how to combine Color, Shadow, Diffuse, Reflect, Refract, Environment, Emit, etc. passes to get the render result as if I use the combined pass?

For cycles renderer I found following image:

Similar I need for blender internal or even better a blend file which already provides this node setup.

I also need to know how to mix in an image texture correctly.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Richard,

thanks for reply, I followed the tutorials now but I don’t know how to add in an image texture.
I use same node setup as Bartek, but in my scene there is an image texture in Bartek’s tutorial not.
If I connect the ‘combined’ output of the ‘render layer’ node to the viewer node I can see the texture in the backdrop.
But if I use Bartek’s node setup the image texture is not visible. If I connect the single passes (Diffuse, Shadow, AO, Specular, Emit, Reflect, Refract, Indirect) to the viewer node in none of them the image texture appears.
So it seems I have to add it from an image node and add to the node setup. But I don’t know where and how to connect.
Also try and error did not give the same result as the ‘combined’ pass.

There is also one further question:

In the world settings the section ‘Ambient occlusion’ there is an option how to mix the AO into the final image. One option is ‘Add’ the other one is ‘Multiply’. Does this mean I have to do the same in my node setup?
So if the option is set to ‘Add’ I have to put an ‘Add’ node to the node setup to get in the AO and if the option is set to ‘Multiply’ I have to add an ‘Multiply’ node to get in the AO as well?

Thanks for further help!

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