(Blender Internal) Need Help with Volumetric Material for Nuclear Explosion

Hello all, I am making a nuclear explosion animation but could use some advise on the smoke material. The smoke needed to appear massive so I cranked up the density scale really high, 70 or so and also turned up the light cache. This gave the perfect look I was looking for in terms of smoke:

For the fireball, I added a voxel texture that uses the density and a color ramp to effect the emission color and amount. The problem is that the smoke is so dense that there is either no fire visible, or the yellow and white is all blown out. It seems I can’t achieve an inbetween.

This is what I’m trying to recreate. The smoke is very dense and grey at the bottom but the fireball still has a range of yellows, oranges, and white with some patches of grey smoke.

Even with the color ramp having the bright colors for most of the range, the thin layer of dense smoke covers it up and only lets spots of orange show through. This is what I mean:

Here’s the texture setup:

use smoke+fire

Tried that and got the same result. The problem is that the density on the out most part of the smoke blocks the fire texture from showing through.

Adjust alpha, in the smoke material color, and alpha in the fire curve color, also lower the density scale, and lower scattering.

I know I can do all of that but then the smoke looses that dense look I am going for. It seems I can only choose either fire or dense smoke, but not both. The question is how to create a material that has both.

this is what I have, needs more tinkering

and your answer is SMOKE GROUP

more then 1 emmiter, 1 smoke 1 fire :smiley: (fire leaves it’s own smoke)


SnukeInYourSnizz.blend (565 KB)

Di you have any luck?