Blender Internal Needs a New Name (Right?)

Now that Cycles is standard-issue in Blender, shouldn’t the old rendering engine get a new name? Keeping the “Blender Internal” seems confusing since Cycles is, for all intents and purposes, also internal.

Blender Internal Needs a New Name (Right?)

Why ?

seems confusing since Cycles is, for all intents and purposes, also internal.

Cycles can be enabled/disabled as an addon, Blender Render can’t


Classic Render :slight_smile:

But seriously, no need to rename it. For starters, the name suits it well. BI is internal, while cycles is not.
Also, It’s going to get removed once Cycles can do everything BI can…

Don’t think it actually had an old name which was why it’s called ‘internal’ as opposed to yafray (embedded in the old days) and the slew of ‘external’ renderers that are using the RenderEngine interface.

It’s a relatively small matter but I can see where a little confusion might arise for new users, Cycles is an internal renderer with respect to the fact that it is also only being available inside Blender. What about ‘Legacy’ as a name for the original internal renderer?

changing the name of blender internal is like changing the name of blender. your not very smart if you think just because there is a new engine, you need to rename the old. THATS where things get confusing.
Guy 1: are you using blender internal?
guy 2: no im using blender classic!
guy 1: whats that?
guy 2: its the engine that comes with blender, and used to be called blender internal
guy 1: so, in effect, your using blender internal right?
guy 2: no…
guy 1: (ノ °益°)ノ ︵ (\ .o.)\ <------guy 2

Also, [BI] is going to get removed once Cycles can do everything BI can…
Wow, I hope not. Unless literally every feature of BI is included in Cycles, I don’t understand why it would be completely removed. And then what if BI does the same feature faster than Cycles? Although I guess it could be 3 years from now when Cycles is finally production ready and BI is 3 years older with no further development making it truly obsolete…that would make sense to remove it.

It’s going to be removed because it’s a burden on the BF to support and nobody wants to work on it anymore. As simple as that. I’m sure it would stay if it still had active developers.

Can we rename this debate “Groundhog Day”?
We just keep having the exact same argument, the same points, the same WORDS. Just sometimes they throw in a few new players. And they say the same thing as the old players…

It would devastate tons of working AddOns if Blender Internal were removed. Many scripts use the Blender Internal material API. If that were removed they would all error out.

Well I don’t believe that Cycles will ever be able to truly support EVERY feature that BI has and will do it faster and better, at least not in the next few years so we will most likely have it there for a while longer.

the issue here is that people responded to this thread…oops, now I stepped in it…got some on my shoes.

Name it that ^

My favorite movie btw.

Look like several things use the same letters.

(BIC)Blender Internal Classic

the only Bic i knew of was this one.